Torchlight parade

This week is Cochrane’s Annual Winter Carnival. I’m on the carnival committee so I’ve been helping plan events for the past few months. I’m also helping volunteer PLUS the paper is covering practically every event there is on the schedule. And when I say the paper I of course mean me, as I am the paper … so it’s been a busy week.

Last night was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen though. It really shows how much a community can come together. It’s called a torchlight parade and the volunteer firemen run the event every year. They make hundreds, possibly thousands, of homemade torches and they hand them out at two locations in town. One location is at 5th Street and 1st Ave and other one is at 5th street and 14th Ave. I live on 13th Ave between 4th and 5th so it was basically outside my door.

They light all the torches and the whole town walks towards each other to the centre of town at 7th Ave where the Lake Commando Peninsula joins both sides of the lake. From there the firemen retrieve the torches and throw them into the largest bonfire you have ever seen in your life and everyone gathers round to warm up and practically burn their eyebrows off from the heat.

The evening closes with fireworks over the lake. An incredibly stunning sight.

See for yourself. ImageImageImageImage


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